Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Environment pollution

Our environment refers to the land, water and air in which human beings, plants and other animals live. So human beings, plants, animals, air, water and soil are the main element of our environment. Even the natural forces which influence the lives of human beings, plants and animals are also a part of this environment. As such storms, cyclones, earthquakes, floods are also a part of our environment. Environment is of two types such as social environment and natural environment. Social environment greatly influences the human beings as they live in a society. But other animals and plants have no social beings and he lives in a society. But here our main concern is about natural environment. Today nature is undergoing a significant change all over the world. As a result, the natural   environment is going from bad to worse day by day. The elements of nature are being polluted day by day by mankind for their selfishness. All things that make up our environment are inter related and inter dependent. The system in which people, animals and plants are related to each other and to their surrounding is known as ecology. Though air is an important element of natural environment, we are causing pollution of air by creating smoke. Man makes fire to cook food, make bricks, melt tar for construction of roads and all these things create smoke. Moreover, railway engines, power house, mills and factories are creating a lot of smoke. All these kinds of smoke pollute air and cause the increase of carbon dioxide. This increase of carbon dioxide is causing global warming and melting of ice caps in the North Pole. As a result, many regions of the world are now threatened to go under water. Water is another vital element of environment which is being polluted in different ways. We pollute water by throwing waste into it. The wide spread use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides by the farmers in their fields often causes water pollution because rain and floods wash away some of these chemicals and they get mixed with water in rivers, canals and ponds. Mills and factories also throw poisonous chemicals and waste products into rivers and canals. As a result, the water of rivers and canals are polluted. Rivers are often polluted by water vehicles by dumping oil, food waste into them. In sanitary latrines, unsafe drains standing on the banks of rivers and canals also cause water pollution. Thus we should be aware of our environment and save it from pollution at any cost. Otherwise the existence of man, animals and plants will be uncertain. To ensure the survival of mankind, animals and plants, we should accelerate the programmed   of a forestation and prevent pollution of our natural environment. 
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